A Remedy for Quarantine

We did it on my sofa,
Filling our heaving chests
with impassioned vigor

We did it in my kitchen,
Where hands on my counter top
Braced me from its relentless intensity

When seconds transformed into minutes,
& these hasty hours raced on by,
In more ways than one we discovered,
How time can be a sneaky lie

The words exchanged during our intermission,
Became the monkey bars juvenile hearts would swing from,
In a playground exclusively made for the two of us

Without timidity
without apology,
Some may even say,
We did it Obnoxiously

It came in bursts
& sometimes,
It came in barrels

& always Unedited…

It was our laughter,
the world’s best medicine

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DC Figueroa

DC Figueroa

Wordsmith/Spoken Word Enthusiast, Disciple of Stoic Philosophy, Admirer of Logic/Reason, Student of Life.